Monday, November 5, 2007

Waterloo sale and an Onion peel

I'm so pleased to have finished my second stash-busting skinny scarf; it looks just like the first. I have now allowed myself to cast on for the Montego Bay Scarf. (No pics yet.)

I dyed that yarn myself, and the color continues to baffle me. I had thought it was deep coral, then I cut the strands for the fringe, and it turned out the exact shade of Dubble Bubble Bubble Gum, before you chew it. Then I began knitting the scarf, and in certain light, it's a rather pretty pastel mauve. The gal who gets it will just have to tell me if she wants an overdye or not.

Saturday was both the Texas Book Festival and a 20% off sale at Waterloo Records. My fellah and I attended both. The Onion is publishing a book, and the two authors gave a little talk -- in the sanctuary of our church, of all places. I'm pretty open-minded, as is my church, but I gotta admit, amusing as it was, they were pushing it.

At Waterloo, my fellah brought me lots of CDs to listen to. At 17, I was a musical fanatic. At 28, I like music a lot, but I'm blissfully out of the loop. I don't know what's hip; I know nothing of the indie scene. I enter Waterloo Records and I go stand in the corner and stare at the wall, because I don't know where to begin.

This is a bit awkward, as my fellah is starting a record label. He does a good job of disguising his disappointment when I ask questions like, "Amy Winehouse?" But I am slowly learning how to walk again.

I purchased only one CD: Tilly and the Wall's Wild Like Children, and I like it. My favorite track is "You and I Misbehaving": playful but flirting with something darker. On almost all their songs, the band uses a tap dancer instead of a drummer. Nice beat, and it does kind of make you want to do a jig.

What music are you listening to these days?


Caroline said...

Sherman Alexie and George Saunders were all we saw that day (we also went to the Smackdown (Fiction v Non-Fiction) at the Continental Club Gallery), but it was a fulfilling day nonetheless. We wanted to go to the Onion talk (alas, it collided with Saunders), and also thought it a little odd that it was scheduled in the church.

This weekend's musical enjoyment came courtesy of Wilco, Ray LaMontagne, and Nick Drake. I'd like to get more Feist--do you have her stuff?

Cobbalicious said...

Alas, I'm ignorant. (See re: above post.) So no Feist. But I trust your recommendations!