Friday, March 28, 2014

Dream Sweaters

I had this notion that when I return to work in a handful of weeks, I'd need some cardigans to go with the nursing tops I've acquired, to make them more workplace-ish. And less obviously what they are.

Oh, time. Oh, having two hands available. How I miss thee.

Instead, I would like to put down, for the record, the top five sweaters I would make if it were possible to care for a wee little one and finish a sweater. (By the way, I have finished a hat. But that's for later.)

  1. Lyssia by Marnie MacLean. Butterflies make it perfect for spring and summer. It's feminine without being too frilly, and by the way - butterflies!
  2. Dahlia Cardigan by Heather Zoppetti. The lace covering the back is gorgeous, and the loose opening is perfect for avoiding wet spots on the fronts, or "bleakage," as Mr. MGY calls it. (Boob + leakage = bleakage.)
  3. Sportster by Melissa Wehrle. I've been wanting an asymmetrical zipper cardigan for a year or two. I wish now were the time to make one!
  4. Adam's Rib Cap Sleeve Top by Carol Sunday. I love short-sleeve cardigans for the office in the summer. The front looks like it could have a flexible closure - more than one button to choose from, perhaps? - to accommodate a shape that is a bit in flux.
  5. Vogue's Ruffled Cardigan by Faith Hale. I love ruffles, and the cap sleeves would be ideal. Note the presence of errata.
What cardigans would you suggest?