Thursday, March 8, 2007

Another article due...

...which means more procrastination. There's still hope of finishing it by midnight...

1. The fellah and I ate tonight at an exceptional Greek restaurant. Of course I've already forgotten the name of it, but it's on Colorado between 8th and 9th Streets in downtown Austin. It was not only a good meal, but such a nice time. One of the best things in life is to sit and talk with good food.

2. I ran a terribly embarrassing time in the Bagelfest 5k last weekend. Perhaps waking up and scarfing down breakfast about 30 minutes before the gun went off wasn't the best strategy. As a former track athlete (hurdler or no) I should know better than to do that and then hope for anything better than ~32 minutes. (I don't get particular when the times are this bad.)

Ah, well... Something to improve on, right?

3. I broke my "no yarn purchases until April" rule and bought one skein of Blue Sky Organic Cotton (color 84) at Hill Country Weavers. Whoopsies. It's only that it's so soft, so pretty... so eco-friendly... and I want it.

I'll post a pic when I'm not on deadline. Till then, I've got roughly 150 yards of DK awaiting me... A hat, perhaps? A warmish weather lacey scarf? It could be the top of a pillow I've been planning, but it seems a shame to waste it in decor rather than wear it.

Back to work.

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