Saturday, February 23, 2008

Guess who I saw last weekend?

They say Bill Clinton is never on time.

Last Saturday, the fellah and I headed down to Hillary headquarters in Austin for their opening ceremonies (only about a year later than the Obama people). We arrived in time to get a spot inside, where it was hot and stuffy. One after another, semi-relevant local politicians took the mic to talk about their support for Hillary. The crowd was patient but growing restless; one woman passed out and had to be taken away by EMS.

It was not unlike Rock the Bells, a documentary the fellah and I saw last summer about a hip-hop festival in California. The headliners were the reunited Wu-Tang Clan. By the end of the night, the crowds were near rioting, and the promoter kept sending out more and more opening acts to keep the crowd calm as they searched high and low for Ol' Dirty Bastard, the since-deceased and most difficult of the very errant Clan members. People were passing out right and left, and the situation was becoming dangerous.

And to think: in both situations, we were kept waiting for an old, dirty b*****d.

This one also happens to have been a major world leader for eight years.

He spoke briefly and eloquently. He raised some good points and refrained from being negative.

For my part, I learned the limitations of my camera's zoom function, and like my camera, I never did get that close to greatness.

Still, it was an interesting evening in which Austin was permitted to see the Clinton establishment doing the equivalent of running to catch the bus in their bathrobes. The most powerful family in Democratic politics is a mess right now. I hope in these final days before the next primaries they will pull themselves together enough to let Hillary's very sound case be heard.


mari said...

I knew Chelsey was in town, but had no clue that Bill Clinton was as well.

I would love the chance to hear him talk.

Anonymous said...

How cool. I tell you, he is really campaigning hard for his wife.