Saturday, July 19, 2008

Buy Your Color Here!

I'm pleased to announce that I now have my very own Etsy shop for hand-dyed yarn. To start, I'm offering six different fingering-weight yarns for sale.

For a limited time, I will offer a $4.99 discount off your entire order if you purchase a digital download of Arts the Beatdoctor's "Progressions" at Beats Broke for only $4.99. (Low-key trip-hop, perfect for late-night knitting with an iPod. Think Moby, Massive Attack, DJ Shadow.) See the store for more details!

These pictures were taken in my brand-spankin' new lightbox, built by yours truly. With a run-of-the-mill digital camera, a little color tweaking was still requred (trust the yarn, not the background), but it's a vast improvement over my kitchen table. I'll post a tutorial soon on how to build your very own lightbox for less than $20. It's worth it -- trust me!

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