Wednesday, September 3, 2008

FO: Leyburn Socks

It's been crazy, crazy times here at chez Cobbalicious. Darn me for my restraint on revealing personal details online, but let's just say this is a kooky, awesome transition period that sends ya right to the feet of Ganesh* with all the milk and honey you can muster.

Fortunately, when life is changing, there are socks to keep us steady. At the very least, our feet are clean and warm.

The Leyburn Socks: I've complained about this so many times to anyone who will listen, so blah dee blah, the stranded stitch pattern on top but not on the sole makes sizing wonky, or at least it did for me. I also learned the hard way that I need at least 8.5" around the ankle and calf, even if it's loose, because my heels are long and pointy.

Now there's an interesting digression: I am like a female version of my father, appearance-wise. It's eerie to look at pictures of his family, because you can trace my nose on through the generations. (And oh, what a honker it is. I like it for comic effect. Plus there's extra storage room in there when I've got a cold.)

My mother's genetic material manifests itself in my heels. We both have long, narrow, pointy heels. Her feet are dainty, mine are... not. But the heels are proportionally long, narrow, and pointy. Now isn't that just fascinating?

Okay, okay. Another sock picture, coming up. Check your Rav for close-ups.

pattern: Leyburn Socks by MintyFresh.
completed: August 23, 2008.
yarn: The Woolen Rabbit merino/nylon sock yarn (colorway: Rosemary and Thyme; 1 skein; machine washable). Soooo soft! Got even softer after a wash.
made for: me

size 1 dpns

My first socks! Naturally, I chose a pattern with complicated sizing due to the stranded stitch pattern on the instep but not the sole. I also got cocky and went with a yarn with a smaller gauge. ("Oh, I'll figure it out!") Eight months later...

* Or transition-oriented deity of your choice.


Gena said...

The socks are great!

I have long pointy heels too! Think I got it from my dad, but that's a big part of why I always complain about having weird shaped feet. The rest of my feet are not so slim and pointy.

MizLu said...

That yarn knitted up so pretty. Love the colors.

loopette said...

Congratulations! They look great!! And that yarn is so gorgeous. I knew you'd finish.

Just didn't know when. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Pretty socks! And a very brave attempt for your first pair (I did plain ole stockinette). Great job!