Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Hanami: I've got this much...

I've gotten some tips on photo-editing software that ought to tide me over for a little bit. Please munch on the luciousness that is almost half of a Hanami:

This Hanami is on my impossible wedding knitting list, as a gift for someone who's helping out a bit. It might get done, but then to be perfectly honest... and I feel just awful about this... I don't think I can give it away as a gift after all.

Here's my reasoning:

Row 1: "I sure hope _____ likes this stole. It looks like a lovely pattern."
Row 35: "_____ will love this stole! The pattern is phenomenal."
Row 50: "I would love a stole just like this one, if it weren't pale pink."
Row 120: "Maybe pale pink isn't such a bad color after all."
Row 185: "I bet _____ wouldn't like pale pink at all. Nope, I better keep this one and buy her a handbag instead."

I'm not claiming to be a nice person.

In the meantime, I got hit with a wallop of project-lust when I stared too long at the Whisper Cardigan and went blind to all other knitting. I ordered my yarn, and the swatch is drying just a few feet away from me at this very moment. My justification for throwing over all other WIPs? Wedding knitting, of course! Like everything else. It would be the perfect sweater for the Friday night rehearsal and such.

Knitzilla, anyone?


Anonymous said...

That pale pink is so pretty--I'm a pink girl. :-) Maybe you can get ____ a soap basket instead, lol.

Erin said...

knitzilla...that is funny.