Friday, April 3, 2009

Hello and Good-bye, Mr. Bean

This spring I planted a few beans in a pot on my fella's balcony. It's been an up-and-down winter, with me not always here to water or move the pot inside when the temperatures dipped below freezing. The basil in the next pot over never even poked its head above the soil, but beans are almost completely dummy-proof. Exhibit A:

A week ago, I noticed a tiny bean!

In my enthusiasm and total lack of experience, I picked it. This past Wednesday, I also stir-fried and ate it, along with a handful of organic store-bought beans. But I took special note when little Mr. Bean (Hi there, Rowan Atkinson fans) showed up on my fork.

I'm pleased to report that he tasted just the same as all the rest.

The internets tell me that I am to expect several more where he came from. Fingers crossed for home gardening!

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