Saturday, June 27, 2009

New Music for the Bum-Knuckle Blues

One of my knuckles hurts today. On my first day in some time to knit, knit, knit... I have to stop. Sad face.

Here's some other tidbits for you:

  • Beats Broke has released three new albums in the last month... plus the wedding. Dude, have you seen our living room floor? 'Cause I sure haven't. Upside: free album download if you're speedy.
  • Just finished reading Kicked, Bitten, and Scratched by Amy Sutherland. A fascinating book about exotic wildlife training and trainers. I also recommend her book What Shamu Taught Me About Life, Love, and Marriage.
  • I'm still inspired by this Merlin quote on learning that Ms. Martini pointed out some time back.
  • Professional research: I'd like to know which is your favorite from The Canterbury Tales, and why?
  • I've discovered Farmville on Facebook. Love it!

1 comment:

Gena said...

Oh my goodness. For graduation, my mom gave me a book containing the prolouge to the Canterbury Tales and the Knight's Tale in the original old English, published in 1898. I can't wait to sit down and read through it this summer. Otherwise, it's been so long that I can't remember which is my favorite tale.