Thursday, July 2, 2009

Knitting Geometry

So I had this idea to design a triangular scarf. It was a seriously good concept, people. You would have loved it.

I measured as I went, I checked all kinds of things, I wrote down things and charted in advance. I compared it to other triangular shawls. Tonight, I was so psyched. I finished the border, cast off, and set aside the needles.


This is not a triangle.

I know this because I have in the past taught geometry to high school and college students. For starters, I am fairly certain that a triangle has three sides. The sides, ideally, are straight.

It has to do with the increases, I think. I didn't want eyelet increases. I wanted another kind of increase.

So I've totally had my pride handed to me here -- and would be pleased to read all input in the comments section. I shall now frog two weeks' knitting and go back to the drawing board, which I hope will have lots of triangular shawl patterns on it for me to study.

I admit that part of me is holding out hope that there might be a market out there for people with strange shoulders, looking for just the right shawl.


Gena said...

I can't help much, as I have neither strange shoulders nor exceptional geometry skills. Also lacking are knitwear designing skills. Hence the reason I just follow patterns - that is a skill I somewhat excel at. Best I can say is good luck!

Adriana said...

That seriously sucks. I'm afraid that I can't offer any help; I am horrible at designing. I just can't seem to wrap my mind around it. Maybe there are books out there that can help?

Kara said...

You have to be commended for even attempting it. I am sure you will figure it out and then that scarf will be something you will really cherish!