Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Bylines: Interweave Knits

I just got word in the comments section that Interweave Knits Weekend has arrived in a few mailboxes. If you've got an eagle-eye, you'll notice that I contributed the Ravelings feature to this issue!

The column is about how I combine motivation to finish housework and my yarn addiction to great effect. Seriously -- great effect.

I employ what is known around our household as the "Happy Point System." (To learn more, pick up a copy of the magazine.) I've been itching to write about Happy Points since I first started using them for myself, and now I can mention them freely. To that end, you might even start to see the occasional Happy Point counter at the bottom of a blog post.

Welcome, new readers. Thanks for visiting.

Today's Happy Point Count: 45. Took a big hit on our honeymoon in June; still recovering.


Adriana said...

How exciting!! I'm intriged now. I might have to check out that magazine.

Adrienne Martini said...


Ana said...

I got a copy the other day, immediately checked the back article, read it, re-read it out loud to my husband and son. It inspired us all so much that my husband went out and got a big container of marbles for us to use. So, you've ignited a spark of "do-it-now"ism in a fellow Austin family. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

hi I read your story in interweave and thought it was great I so understand where you are coming from I am the same way lol. I think your point system is a great idea and I am sure my daughter will want to use it for me lol.

Kylie said...

Sitting down and catching up with my reading for the year. Love the article - it is a hoot! I read it to my husband and his response was "I did not know that you were writting for amagazine!" LOL - my house is like yours - hoping to impove it next year.

Thanks for the idea of the happy piont system - I LOVE IT.