Tuesday, June 8, 2010

If Knits Could Speak

Some of my recent FOs speak up on my behalf.

"Stand up straight, young lady."

Funny... I didn't actually intend to wear that dress that day. But then I tried it on to take pictures with this new bolero I had just finished, and the zipper got stuck in a major way. My fella had already left for work, so... I wore the blue dress.

(Pattern: Ribbed Lace Bolero)

"Maybe crochet isn't so bad after all."

(Pattern: Foamies)

"No, I'm not pregnant."

I just think Wii hands are cute.

(Pattern: Miittens)


Kristin said...

I agree, Wii hand are cute, pregnant or not.

Kara said...

I really love that bolero. So so darling.