Sunday, October 23, 2011

(Culinary) Mushroom Adventures

Not long ago I happened across this nifty thing, a Back to the Roots Mushroom Kit. I didn't get any freebies from them - I saw the kit online, decided I'd take a chance and try it out. So far, it's pretty dang cool.

Day 5 Growth

These guys take used coffee grounds from a local (to them) coffeeshop and prepare them for growing mushrooms. They ship you the kit, you soak it, you spritz it with water, and blammo: you get oyster mushrooms blasting out overnight.

If you are reading this and you happen to know my father, don't tell him about it. I want to give a kit to him for his next birthday. :)


Adrienne Martini said...

I am strangely unnerved when the words "mushrooms" and "blammo" are so close together in a sentence.

Adri said...

Nice mushrooms! Super-fun kit, thanks for posting your successful growing experience. One always wonders if these things actually work. :D