Saturday, November 16, 2013

StashDash part 1: the Norgas… um.

With a new human being apparently arriving soon in our household, I have to clean out what has been my office/crafting studio, to combine spaces with Mr. MGY. Yeah, it's awesome. What are you gonna do: we only have so much room.

That means a massive rush to get as much stash knit up as possible, with the insane conviction reasonable theory that I will somehow be able to find a place for the yarn which is not the attic.

By the way: I'm really tired lately. Some nights, I'm lucky to get a few rows in.

Shut up. It could happen.

As part of this effort to move through as much yarn as possible, I whipped out another Noro Striped Scarf, this time in pastel shades. I love what the off-white colorway does here:

And I've coined a term for what happens when you're working with a ball of Noro that you really only bought for one small part of the colorway. You go for it, you're working, it's nice but not as nice as it will be when you get to that beautiful peachy-rose-pink color… You're almost there -- almost there -- almost there -- yes, yes -- you can just feel it -- and --

May I present, the Nor-gasm.


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