Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Very nautie

Today I mailed off what I always intended to be the first of two Nauties, as a gift for a high school friend's twins, born in March. But every time I looked at that second ball of harsh acrylic, I just stopped caring about sibling rivalry and instead turned to my soft cotton mixes and possible sweaters.

However, this little Nautie, completed last Christmas, is now off and away.

The pattern calls for underwater tentacles rather than the antennae of a land-based mollusk, but I converted them just in case the kiddoes had a mind to choke on their very first taste of seafood.

My fellah saw this snail some time back, and he grew a look on his face. It said, "I'm not going to criticize your work because I'm a nice person, although there's something I really want to tell you."

"What?" I challenged him, aloud.

"It's just... you can do things with a bear, or a monkey, or a squid, or a dragon. You can't do anything with a snail!"

"You can move it slowly," I informed him.


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