Saturday, May 19, 2007

yarn love

Aww. Aren't they cute together?

The deep coral hank joins my variegated robin's egg blue hank in my Kool-Aid dyeing adventures. In truth, I was aiming for a dark red. According to this article, two and a half packets of Black Cherry should have given me a deep, dark red. Perhaps Kool-Aid has changed their formula?

I also note that I seem to keep getting colors that work better with my mom's skin tone than with mine. Summer/winter? Forget it. My mother's apparently classified as a "Kool-Aid."

This second dye job gives me a total of 880 yards of fingering-weight merino wool. I'll need at least one more hank to give me a sweater, probably two. One can be undyed. The other? You tell me!

Here are the possibilities. Tell me what you think:

  • chartreuse
  • blueish green
  • reddish orange
  • a muddy orange
  • a muted yellow, possibly heathered (I'll need to find fingering-weight gray merino...)
  • a darker blue (which I can't dye with Kool-Aid)
  • a lighter coral (one packet of Black Cherry instead of 2.5)
  • anything else?

This is the project that will teach me Fair Isle (or maybe just mosaic knitting, I don't know yet). I'm thinking, deep v-neck cut, close-fitting. Thoughts?

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