Sunday, July 15, 2007

A short detour to the pastel side of things

I don't often work in pastels, but I did enjoy working on this
MaryElla bracelet in ecru last week:

You can get kits from Earthfaire for this project for only $5.50.

I'm very glad I also have another kit (this one in chartreuse), because the thread is 100% cotton and therefore stretches. What started as a perfectly fitting finished object at 6 inches is now 7.25 inches (that's about a 20 percent increase).

When I make the chartreuse bracelet, I plan to knit it to be 5.25 inches long so it still has a little give but doesn't sag and flop when I type.

Another note: I used fewer beads on the reverse side than the pattern calls for, because you can't see them and especially because stringing beads is really dull.

I suppose I should show some detail of the closures...

What can you say, it got the job done.

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