Thursday, August 9, 2007

One reason not to like Austin

So here I am, being a good little writer, putting down the needles and opening up the computer files so I can work on the novel and the play rewrites and that other thing. You would think the universe might reward me for my diligence.

Instead, I'm cowering in terror, because there is SOMETHING skittering around inside the ceiling light in my kitchen, right now. It is small and dark and I CAN HEAR ITS FEET.

I keep telling myself, "It could just be a gecko... It could just be a gecko..." But this is Texas, and when in doubt, it's a... a... No, I won't say it. I won't do anything to make that muther-f***** more of a reality than it already is.

Save me!


ihearttheastros said...

I've been there sister. I've been there.

Did it ever stop scurrying?

Cobbalicious said...

I sprayed some Raid in the cracks, then I left the light on all night long, ardent environmentalist that I am, in hopes that the lights would cook it to death and punish it for the mere fact of its existence.

In short, I have no idea.

It could be that I have a problem.

Julia said...

Are you talking about a tarantula? I still can't believe those things live in the U.S.

I went to Austin this summer and my husband took a picture of one when I wasn't there...I couldn't believe it. he acted all natural and "whatever" about it, but I'm glad I wasn't there.

I wouldn't want to kill the poor thing but they are certainly scary.