Sunday, August 12, 2007

Thermaling Away

I've discovered a new measurement standard for knitting: how much knitting you can done during a single viewing of Pride and Prejudice (1996), or a PP96.

1 PP96 = 2.5 inches of Thermal.

(I've actually knit a couple more inches since this was taken.)

Anywho. While glancing through the latest Urban Outfitters catalogue, I found the Lux Montmarte Cardigan. (Did they mean "Montmartre"?)

Dude. I can totally make this. Gimme a little DK-weight cotton blend and six weeks, and I'm there.

Is this how madness begins?

It may also be observed that I am avoiding more serious issues, like work, writing, and the question of whether I will renew my lease for another year or move somewhere else, which I have to decide manana.

Living alone in Austin is lousy. If you want to pay less than $700/month, you have to live in either a run-down place in an okay neighborhood or a nice place in a sketchy hood where your car windows won't last the year. I know, I used to live in San Francisco, I shouldn't complain. However, I still recall my lovely, lovely apartment in Cincinnati, with the hardwood floors and the beautiful fixtures and everything else. The tavern across the street, the Walnut Hills library branch, Eden Park down the street... Meh.

Such is life without spouse or roommates.


Anonymous said...

As a fellow writer, I'm impressed you were able to incorporate math into your knitting, LOL. Thanks for commenting on my Dolman. I love that Thermal pattern. And I scrolled down a bit & that wee-hat-on-Bush was hilarious.

Erin said...

Hahahaha--I LOVE your new measurement standard. PP96...hilarious. I am thinking about knitting Thermal (started a swatch) so maybe I will have to see what my PP96 is. :)

Julia said...

Haha! Love your measurement unit. =) I should try that for a sock...I bet the ratio would be fairly good. We need a conversion unit for smaller and bigger projects, haha! Good luck with moving decisions...I have to do that in a couple months as well. Eep...hope I find something good.