Sunday, September 2, 2007


Thermal, you're crimpin' my style. Geroff the needles already!

I can't start either my faux Montmartre or that Sea Foam Shawl until you're done. You see, I have only one 24" interchangeable cord for my circular needles, and you're hogging it, lady.

(Yup. That's six weeks of work, right there.)

It also cuts down on that about which I can blog. Perhaps a picture of a finished object, to cheer myself up?

So simple. Just some 2x2 ribbing in Joann Petalo (60% cotton, 40% nylon, 50 g, 65 yards, 1.5 skeins used), bought on sale over a year ago and probably discontinued. Looks much nicer than I expected from novelty yarn.

This scarf goes to a friend (sorry to ruin the surprise, dear), the first of what I hope are several gifts that use up the stash. I have enough for a second, slightly longer scarf. Any takers?


ihearttheastros said...

I'm game. I can never have too many scarves...

Cobbalicious said...

The orange is calling to you! It's yours.

(Whenever I finish it.) said...

Aww...someone nabbed it. That orange color is so cute!