Saturday, September 8, 2007

Thrill of the Day

At noon today, I won my first close-call e-bay auction. I bought the following:

It's 1050 yards of hand-dyed Tencel. I plan to make a lacey stole or something like that with it.

This was the first time I engaged in a bidding war in the remaining few seconds before the auction ended. My fellah, a true e-bay proficient, stood over my shoulder and coached me through the winning moments.

You wouldn't believe the grand burst of euphoria you get from beating out other bidders. No, I'm not exaggerating. I shrieked and then giggled for 30 seconds. It was an exceptional adrenaline rush. I haven't felt its equal since the '99 college track conference championships. (I was a last-minute substitute for the 400 x 4 relay. Our anchor won the race by mere inches. Whoosh!)

I mean, for $14.59, not only do I get a very pretty bunch of laceweight yarn. As a writer, I also get a nifty new simile: "The rush in her belly felt like the thrill of winning an e-bay auction." What a kick!

As for writing... I fell off the wagon this week, neglecting my writing for teaching a class on Wednesday, attending First Thursday, and working out Friday. But I'm back on board now. Expect the next big project to include more of those realistic touches like bunnies vs. whales, bulldozer drivers on a mission, and that secret subway line in New York you always knew was there. Sweet, huh?

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lcobbe said...

Gorgeous yarn. I need some ebay lessons!