Tuesday, June 3, 2008

One in a Thousand

This weekend, the hilarious, witty, and quite-sweet-in-person Franklin Habit of The Panopticon came to Austin from Chicago to shoot at The Knitting Nest for his 1,000 Knitters project. On Saturday morning, I made the trek across town to take part.

I forgot to bring my own camera with me, but thankfully my knitting-friend Sally was there. Not only is it true that Sally Comes Unraveled. She also comes equipped with a camera, a folding chair, and no fewer than two WIPs at any time. Thanks, lady. You keep the rest of us from running out of gas.

It will surprise no one that I had no trouble chatting away while Franklin shot. Poor man; I may have taken him a little bit aback. One forgets after having spent so much time around actors that the neighbors leave the volume on a little lower, as it were.

That blue dress I'm wearing which shows up very little in the shot is a vintage dress I found accidentally one First Thursday on South Congress for $27. I get lathered with compliments every time I wear it, to the point where I either need to go back to the store for more vintage or find a way to make the dress wash itself so I don't have to take it off. After 29 years, I may have at last figured out "my look."

I shall have to make a "Habit" of it.



Gena said...

Man, I wish I still lived in Ft Worth. I totally would have made the drive to take part in the shoot!

Anonymous said...

I heard of that awesome project. I'm so glad you were able to take part in it.

The dress IS lovely; if you've found your look, then flaunt it!

Kara said...

That is some fierce modeling. What a fun thing to do.