Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A Personal No-Fly Zone

I'm writing to you from my fella's computer.

Mine died at approximately 4:00 p.m. today. May she rest in peace.

I would like to add that in the past month, my digital camera, cell phone, and wireless mouse have all bit the dust. There appears to be a contagion. Please, if you know where I live, don't come near -- or at least, don't bring your personal electronics.

I now owe a friend of mine who works in IT about three sweaters. She (or her computer) is peeling the data off the broken carcass as I write this.

(If you're interested, today also involved me cleaning up a cockroach so scary he looked like a Reaver ship from Serenity, a teeny tear in my favorite skirt, and an increase to my health insurance payments. Oh, and the stock market.)


Gena said...


Last year, all the grad student got a raise. Then, our health insurance went up. So we wound up making less money after our raise than we did before. Spectacular.

Anonymous said...

Your machinery going bonkers could be because Mercury is in retrograde

Jemima said...

Well, hell. That sounds like a job for cupcakes.

My entire month of July was like that. Debit card theft/fraud, forest fires, birthdays (not any fun after age 25, in my humble opinion), a moth in my stash...

Quick! Go burn some sage and do the good juju dance.