Saturday, November 1, 2008

Where Is Cobbalicious?

It's tough to participate in the vibrant online knitting community (reread that phrase and I swear, you'll turn red in the face) when your camera, computer, and life are on the fritz. I've really missed posting and reading and putting pictures up on Ravelry. I've even been pretty nutty with the knitting, with all kinds of start-stop-startover projects to share.

But first, some recent adventures. The fella and I went to San Francisco last weekend to attend Groomzilla's wedding, which may have been one of the most tasteful, elegant events of the year. At least up until the point that we left; a random encounter with Groomzilla himself the next day confirmed that we left just before things got crazy outta hand with the lush/law student/lawyer populations (and those overlap like a Venn diagram) in attendance.

Here's some of the other things we did:

That's me in front of the de Young Museum. It looks like a Klingon palace. Inside is nifty, too.

Amoeba Music is big. This is only one corner. That was the fella's big request of the trip.

It was unusually warm most of the time we were there. After the wedding, we took a trolley up the hill to Grace Cathedral, one of my favorite places in the city.

See that little white thing on my foot? During the trolley ride, a lady accidentally dropped a very full, 30+ oz bottle of water on my toe. (That hurts like hell, if you've never tried it.) I tried to shake it off, but it started bleeding. I brought that to my fella's attention, and upon doing so I heard "Her foot is bleeding because that lady dropped a water bottle on it" translated into about three language groups on our trolley car.

The fella was chivalrous. He helped me limp to a cafe, which supplied us with makeshift first aid supplies. I don't think the toe was broken, but even if it was, nothing would have happened differently.

The last afternoon we paid a visit to the Golden Gate Bridge, just as the fog bank rolled in. This is the view up from standing beside the SF-side pylon.

No wonder it's such a hotspot for personally devastating emotional crises. The fog, the cold wind, the fog horns, and the sheer height of everything is stunning. I suggest only paying a visit when you are in a good mood.

Next up: knitting. Promise. (I snagged the camera today. Yipee!)


Octopus Knits said...

Sounds like a great trip (well, except for your poor toe) :)

the little owl said...

Mmmm... Amoeba. One of the most amazing places on the planet...