Saturday, November 15, 2008

Sock-Knitting in Technicolor

Sock-knitting has a lot of advantages. Plenty of other people have noted them before me. Portability, ease, quickness, versatility: socks have it all.

I'm only on my second pair ever, so my speediness isn't up there just yet. I knit socks in chunks, split apart by the inertia of not wanting to go back to the computer to figure out exactly how one does a toe, foot, heel, or leg.

The best thing about socks, however, is that they are nowhere near your face.

Here's the thing: I love pinks and purples and reds and corals. They are very pretty. They make my face look like the wall of my last apartment: dull, rental-white, and you don't want to look for very long.

Socks, however, are nowhere near my face. Having discovered this, I have set off on a whole new palette of exploration.

Seriously, have you ever seen purple and pink together on this blog before?

These are the Twilight Socks from 2-at-a-Time Socks, converted into toe-up because I'm always fiddling with yarn weight and gauge and it's better to know you've screwed up early on. I am also not knitting them two at a time, because I'm too cheap for all those circular needles. (You should see what I do with recipes in the kitchen.)

The yarn is delish: Seacoast Handpainted Yarns, a sock yarn in Raspberry Mocha. This is another treat from my mother's attempt at reducing her stash. (You may have heard me mention that before... Love ya, Mom!)


Anonymous said...

Hello! I just happened across your blog today. Reading this post reminded me of a conversation I had with someone in a German youth hostel many years ago. We were discussing laundry-management strategies to use while backpacking through Europe and how many times we'd wear stuff before washing it.

There were different thresholds for each article of clothing, but he pointed out that he could wear socks indefinitely without washing them "since they're the farthest from my nose." I got a good laugh out of that one. Thanks for jostling this story out of the long-term storage part of my memory!

Gena said...

Oh, I will knit socks in the weirdest color combos ever, just because I like the colors. Fortunately, when I wear them with shoes and jeans, they don't get seen often. It's like my own little sock-secret!

Ok. That was lame.

Anonymous said...

I love socks for the same reason--all those crazy colors that don't flatter my head are perfect for feet!