Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Old Age and Colin Firth

In my own defense, I try not to use the heater in the winter. It's better for the environment.

So I snuggle under a blanket when I'm sitting still. Often when I'm sitting still, I'm knitting. Often when I'm knitting, I have a movie on, one that I've watched before. Often when I watch a movie, it's Pride and Prejudice.

Okay. So, to save money, a few weeks ago I moved into an apartment that I share with two other people who are never there. It's like a fake apartment: I'm the only one who's ever around, and it's not like I'm home much myself. Works for everybody.

One of the roommates and his girlfriend dropped by tonight, unannounced. That doesn't bother me; after all, he's paying rent, isn't he?

Only, they dropped by as I was knitting a sock under a blanket in a chair in front of the TV watching an old movie.

Quick: I'm going to go do a keg stand before I start looking like the 80-year-old I apparently am.


marci said...

Yeah, but you were watching Colin Firth. I mean, who can blame you? That seems like a perfect winter activity to me.

Shanna said...

Watching Colin Firth in all his Darcy glory while all snuggled up on the couch. Sounds like a perfect evening to me.

Erin said...

See this is why I live alone. I can watch Colin Firth jump into the pond and knit for hours on end without any sort of judgement.

mari said...

Hehe. Embrace your inner 80 year old. :)

I love that first paragraph. Reads like "If you give a Mouse a Cookie". hehe.

Gena said...

My knitting friends and I have been talking about having a P&P marathon for the longest time now. We'll definitely have to now!