Saturday, February 7, 2009

Springtime Knitting: Hanami

The other day I took a quick glance through my 2008 FOs, and it struck me that nine of fourteen projects were predominately blue or green. Of the others, we've got two brown, one gray, and (ta-da!) one yellow.

2009 shall be the year that I go nutty with colors! Yes, it shall.

It shall also be the year that I learn to crochet.

It shall also be the year for which I must first file a joint income tax return.

Here are some thoughts related to the above three points:

1. I have created an insane wedding-knitting list. The list includes a Hanami as a gift, a gift for someone who reads this blog, a whole bunch of crocheted fan bookmarks, and a counterpane clutch (yes, that's you, Erin!) for me. That's so much knitting (and hooking), it's stupid.

In my own defense, I've discovered that with a few exceptions, a gal who has produced theater events and who combines forces with a guy who has produced several live music events can manage wedding planning very well, by and large. So when I really want to be doing something for the wedding, I sometimes discover that there's really nothing to be done at present. Wacky, I know, but it's been the truth so far.

I've created a whole bunch of wedding knitting that simply must be done so I can feel productive towards planning a huge event to which I'm looking forward, very much.

Here's how far I am with my Hanami:

It's delectable. The lace is lovely. You'll also note that it is neither blue nor green.

2. I am staring straight in the face several hard-to-wear colors for this year's projects: pink, orange, yellow... These are springy colors, and with Hanami (a very springy project relating to cherry blossoms), I am clearly ready for spring to come along.

This has nothing to do with the fact that I've lost both pairs of winter gloves that I own.

3. This has nothing to do with knitting or taxes or color, but I'm attempting to cut back on or cut out high-fructose corn syrup in my diet. I'm pretty heatlhy, thankfully, but I think my system might be happier if I avoided the stuff.

Now that I'm making the effort, I've noticed just how much of the stuff is in all of our food. Apple juice? Some brands, check. Cereal? Check. Granola bars? Check. Everything I enjoy snacking on and eating for lunch? Check and check.

Please tell me if you have suggestions for fructose-free lunches. I'd love to hear.

4. How many Schedule C's can you file with a single 1040, anyway?

5. Those ladies who are not yet married: my tragic mistake thus far in planning has been to avoid choosing a single "wedding color." "Pshaw," I said at first. "Why pick just one? My fella is a graphic designer. I knit and adore colors. Surely we can pull this off without limiting ourselves to white and green, or white and blue, or white and fuschia, or whatnot. Let's have lots of colors!"

/rude buzzer noise/

My fella is near the point of tears with the effort of figuring out how to coordinate a groom and two groomsmen with bridesmaids' dresses that are dark blue with ivory lace and flowers that are peachy/coral-colored. I think some of this has to do with his work as a graphic designer and his sincere love of unified looks; my pointing out that this wedding is not a final verdict on his aesthetic philosophy (actually, I think it's a verdict on mine) is not helpful.

Honestly, I never thought it would be that hard. Lesson learned.

Got any good reference points for telling men how to dress in a manly, formal fashion that incorporates either a mid-range to dark blue or coral? I am told the groom must stand out from the two groomsmen...


Gena said...

I really love Hanami, such a gorgeous pattern.

I try to limit HFCS too. Basically, the only way to avoid it entirely is to make all your own food. Pack your lunches and snacks everyday. It's kind of a pain, but I've gotten in the groove of making breakfast and lunch at the same time. That or taking dinner leftovers for lunch the next day.

As far as wedding planning goes, there are no hard and fast rules. Just do whatever will make you guys the happiest. I once went to a wedding (outside in Ft Worth) where the bride wore Chuck Taylor's with blue striped socks, the bridesmaids went barefoot, and the groomsmen wore their Vans/Airwalks/whatever. GP and I went traditional on the dress, but chose completely different music (much to the chagrin of my mother).

Sally Comes Unraveled said...

Wait, I missed something. You're engaged?

I'd be all for rainbow colors too.

Oh, and I'm drooling over hanami!

Kara said...

Wedding knits?! So exciting! That Hanami is quite lovely!