Saturday, February 14, 2009

War of the Roses/Carnations

Happy Valentine's Day!

This evening, the fella and I went to see Coraline. After, we left the theater and were walking to dinner around one of those dark, windy sidewalks around the perimeter of the theater, where just about anything could be waiting for you. (After seeing Coraline, you hope it's a black cat.) We were moving at our usual brisk pace.

Suddenly, from around a corner ahead of us emerged a young woman and a young man -- say, late teens, early twenties. She was carrying a pink flower. Without anyone breaking stride, we had a brief exchange.

She held the flower out at arm's length towards us. "What kind of flower is this?!!" she demanded.

"A carnation," I told her. (Unsure, my fella didn't say anything.)

"THANK YOU!!!" she said, as if she'd been waiting for someone to say those words for quite some time. The young man behind her followed wearily as all of us went on our ways.

After a bit, the fella and I reconstructed the conversation they must have been having all night.

He: "Hey. Happy Valentine's. I, uh, got you this rose."

She: "Awww! Thank you!"

He: "Sure."

She: "That's so sweet! I really love it."

He: "Awesome."

She: "You know, it's a carnation, not a rose."

He: "Huh?"

She: "I really love it! But it's a carnation."

He: "No. I think that's a rose."

She: "No, I'm serious. That's a carnation. But I love pink."

He: "But that's a rose."

Fifteen minutes later.

She: "Look, a rose has thorns. Everybody knows that."

He: "Don't they, like, cut those off?"

She: "Look at the edges of the petals. They're all ripply."

He: "Roses do that, right?"

She: "Look, it's a carnation. Okay? The next people we see, I'm going to ask them what this is, and they're going to tell me it's a carnation."

He: "Fine. Ask them."

From around the corner emerge two very tall people on their way to dinner after seeing Coraline and hoping for a black cat.

She: "What kind of flower is this?!!"

Me: "A carnation."

The very tall fella with her stares blankly at the flower.

She: "THANK YOU!!!"

And, scene.


Anonymous said...

LOL! Well, at least she got something (not the carnation, the pleasure of being right, lol).

Erin said...

This is hilarious. And on an unrelated note, i didn't realize Coraline was already out. I must go check it out.