Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Misdirection, part II

Star Trek: dudes, just go see it if you haven't already. It really is that good.

But in another department: I am now really, really ready to go to Vancouver for our honeymoon. I'm not sure why getting married entitles one to a seriously awesome vacation, but life offers so few breaks that I'd better go ahead and take this one.

And what does any knitter think about when planning a vacation?

That's right. What knitting should I bring? Wedding, schmedding. This is important.

Socks. Except, I still can't do toes or heels without referencing instructions from three different places.

Lace. It's a honeymoon, right? So a little something feminine and delicate seems apropos. Except, I'll be traveling with a 6'6" fella who likes to curl up exactly where my knitting is, in a most catlike manner. Can lace withstand the abuse love?

Sweater. Useful, where we're going. But sweaters always require so much from my tiny chest of knitting nick-knacks.

Hat. Aha. Perhaps I'm onto something there.

Gloves. Also a possibility! If only the ones I'm eyeing weren't stranded colorwork...

I'm open to suggestions! What's the last piece of vacation knitting to travel with you?


J said...

Enjoy your trip to Van! Definitely stop by Sweet Georgia Yarns (call/email ahead for times), Three Bags Full and Button Button if you have time!

Cailyn said...

I love working on socks on vacation. I used to make 4x6 index cards with the instructions I needed on them, like Kitchener stitch. I tend to overthink my on-the-road knitting: I have a simple project, a complex project, a third project, and usually some random yarn in case inspiration strikes.

If you go to Granville Market, make sure to stop in Maiwa Supply!

sweetgeorgia said...

Ohh wait. You are coming to Vancouver?!? Come visit me! We're actually open this Saturday from 1 to 4 pm for a mini open house... but let me know when you are in town. Vancouver is a LOVELY place to be.