Sunday, May 24, 2009

Post 200: The New Yorker and Me

In honor of post 200, I had full intentions of posting a free pattern to the Navajo Wedding Basket Purse I made last year for a charity auction. However, you have caught me in the middle of the third move I've made in the last twelve months.

Result: I have no stinkin' idea where the notes are for the bag pattern.

It's post 200, I do not have legions of readers (although I really enjoy corresponding with the regular ones out there), and there are more half-filled boxes in my life than I care to count. In fact, I'm declaring New Yorker bankruptcy. There's simply no way I can read all of those old yet still-unread New Yorkers before I have to move again, and there's no room for the fire-hazard stack of them where I'm going, anyway.

I feel that I owe that magazine a debt of intellect after all the conversation starters, curious dreams, and insightful reviews I've gained from four years of subscribing. However, those four years ended in early 2006, and I still have boxes full of back issues. I can't keep this up, not through another move, this one up three flights of stairs. It's time for a clean break and a trip (or three) to the recycling bin.

To John Lahr, Adam Gopnik, Hendrick Herzberg, and everyone else: I'm sorry for letting you down. Forgive me. Someday, I hope you'll allow me to try again.

Only next time, do you think you could make it monthly?

On the knitting front: So close, oh so close to a finished Hanami, believe it or not. Pictures soon, I hope?


Susan said...

This cracked me up. I did the same thing on our next-to-last move. They're just so heavy - in a box and as a weight of impossible reading on your shoulders. Good for you for letting go and moving on. ;)

soknitpicky said...

Good for you for letting them go. Next time, do the digital subscription :-)