Saturday, January 23, 2010

January Updates

Man, oh man. I never get insomnia. My husband does (and not to be insensitive to his position, but try sleeping with an 800-pound gorilla with allergies and insomnia - it's more fun), but not me.

I do tonight. Let's make the most of it, shall we?

  • I'm interested in talking to some small-scale indie dyers, folks with great skills who have maybe set up their own Etsy shop and may be looking for another outlet for their wares. Everybody, search your stashes: whom can you recommend?

  • Everybody is already completely and totally aware that lots and lots of Rav designers are donating proceeds from their patterns to organizations participating in relief for Haiti. I joined in, and this is not a bid for me to get more sales. Honestly, if you want to make a bigger difference, donate directly rather than having part of your money sucked away to Paypal. If you were interested in purchasing my pattern or any of these other designers' patterns, now is a great time to do it.

  • Did you see that Ysolda raised over $6000 in a weekend that way? Holy moly.

  • I was amazed to see that the Fishens I knit on a whim in the fall have passed the 100-heart mark for favorites on Ravelry. That's pretty cool - and they weren't even the colors I really wanted.

  • I've got a couple test knitters cranking away on a cardigan I designed. FYI: test knitters are good. They catch things like me putting the repeat in the wrong place on the chart.


Gena said...

I've had mild insomnia for most of my life. It really sucks.

Anyway, thanks for cluing me in about the pattern donations! I was looking for a new cardigan pattern, and I'll try to pick one that falls into the category. Pretty sure one was a Ysolda pattern.

Soprano1 said...

I had insomnia until I gave birth. Now I'm too exhausted to get insomnia. It's been 7 years.

Test-knitting is FUN!

Kara said...

Off to buy your LOVELY pattern...