Friday, April 13, 2007


I put the finishing touches on these fingerless gloves I've been working on forever. I tucked in all the loose ends. I held it up proudly, only to realize...

I made two right gloves.

I think I sat there for five minutes trying to move the thumb over by use of will power.

It did not work.

I have unraveled. Perhaps in more ways than one.


ihearttheastros said...

OH NO!! This story, while inducing giggles, is heartbreaking.

If it makes you feel better (which I'm sure it probably won't), I've had my days of unraveling too. I guess it's all part of the knitting/crocheting lifestyle.

lucy.cobbe said...

Been there, done that (or the equivalent)! My usual trick is to discover that sort of mistake right before I absolutely have to put my knitting down and take care of some other business. So maddening.