Thursday, April 26, 2007

a report from the boards

Tonight I saw Will Eno's Thom Paine (based on nothing) at Hyde Park Theatre.

Actually... I'm not sure what I saw.

Where was I?

(You had to be there.)

I've finished two 10-minute plays in 5 days, and I've written over 1,000 words in my novel. Boy-oh-boy, is my brain cooked. And that was before the Eno play!

The fellah and I went to Ravi Shankar on Tuesday evening. Traditional Indian music is so dissimilar in structure from western music that neither of us could follow the phrases or find the meter. Instead, we both stared into space and found the solution to, like, three creative problems apiece. Which is a lot. That Ravi Shankar is some goooooood (stuff)!

I think the U.S. Congress should all go to a Ravi Shankar concert together.

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