Tuesday, April 24, 2007

High five!

1. We found a screen. Thank you, FUMC Austin.

2. Look at this.

I very much believe that a critic's job is not simply to praise shows blindly for the sake of the artist's tender feelings, nor is it to be unduly harsh. Their job is to ensure that art plays a real role in our lives, that we are aware of what is happening intellectually and creatively in our communities and in the culture at large. They need the freedom to criticize as well as praise.

Having said that: it feels really good to see that Jeanne Claire wrote the above on her blog. :)

I'm especially pleased at this part: "Ohio Trip probes anger, race relations and community action and responsibility. And its absurd moments and whacky humor give the show sweet and charming undertones. "

My goal through this entire adventure was to create a show that is fun, but also has something deeper underneath is for those willing to dig for it. According to her, it worked.

High five!

I'll get my share of negative reviews with other work, I'm sure. Still, it's good to have a nice one now.

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