Sunday, June 24, 2007

And still it grows.

This is Norah Gaughan's Bella Blouse from the most recent Interweave Knits, well on its way to completion. To think, I started with this, and now I have this:

And someday, I shall have this! (In blue.)

Once again I am made to feel like my eighth-grade self who, confounded by basic algebra, is forced to conclude that I've discovered a new mathematical principle as the instructions for shaping the armholes and neckline just don't add up. Or rather, they do add up, but to zero stitches on the shoulder strap rather than the prescribed six. But I won't bore you with my confusion. I'm altering the pattern in hopes that I'm right and Ms. Gaughan, whose designs I adore, is not. Shall we take bets?

(Save that for trying to explain to me why they insist on calling it a first down, even if you managed to complete it on the third or fourth down. I'm telling you, I'm right about this. (And don't roll your eyes like that, Marci.))


Marci said...

The eyes are rolling. :)

Frank the Reindeer said...

What yarn are you using? I'm making it as well and so excited! I'm only about eight inches up the back though, but already looking forward to the finished product!

Cobbalicious said...

Whoops! I never answered your questions, Frank. Sorry!

I'm using Berroco Touche and Berroco Cotton Twist, same as the pattern suggests. If it's not too late, you might want to do this one in the round... It was my first sweater, and in retrospect, the seams aren't necessary.