Saturday, June 2, 2007

It's a Plarty!

I bet you think I misspelled "party" in the title. Nope!

My friends and I are staging the world premiere of a play, which will quickly turn into a party. Thus, a plarty! It all happens in the backyard of the headquarters (and house) of Austin's very own rock/reggae band Full Service.

Fellow Austin playwright Aimee Gonzalez and I have collaborated on a series of short plays about an adventurous "Day in the Rough" at middle school. That's right: the principal's got everybody outside and learning, with calculators, chimichangas, cicadas, dissected frogs, and lots of dangerous geometric calculations. We will light citronella candles to keep you safe.

The plays feature the members of Full Service, two teenage boys who live down the street, and one acclaimed New York actress.

I'm not sure it's theater, but it is f***ing hilarious.

Then it's Recess! Full Service plays songs from their latest album Recess. Need I say more? Check out their website.

So mark your calendars, plarty people, and get ready for a very Austin sort of evening.

Friday, June 8, 2007 at 8 p.m.
3601 Wilson St. in S. Austin
(Turn east off S. 1st Street onto Alpine, between Oltorf and Ben White.)

$2 to get in
$3 more if you are 21 or older and you feel like serving yourself from the KEG OF BEER.

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