Friday, June 22, 2007

I have news!

I've been trying to hold back until the right time to tell all of my family and friends. I guess some people would say that a blog isn't the right place to announce something like this, but I really wanted to make sure everybody found out at the same time.

We've been talking about this for months now, and we wondered when the right time would be to make this huge transition. We talked with our friends, I've watched them take a big step like this themselves over the years, and I think we really learned a lot by taking our time.

However, this week we finally made it official. I'm not looking back.

There's a new member of the Cobbe family!!!!!!!!

See? Here he is:

Well, more of a she, really. She's a Toyota Rav4 with less than 40K miles. A sad goodbye to my standard-transmission Honda, who was kind to me for many years. I feel like moving to an automatic has taken me from the honors class to regular... but that's my only complaint.

I think I'm going to name her "Anyang," which is Chinese for "hello," and the name of a character on the now-deceased show Arrested Development. A Toyota is not Chinese, but the personality of the car is one that will come up to you and say "Hello!" obediantly and often.

Corner shot:

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ihearttheastros said...

Adorable! :) Congrats!