Monday, November 26, 2007

FO, begone!

Before I make my announcement, go read the Yarn Harlot's latest post. I laughed so hard I cried.

Now, the announcement: I have finished those &*$% Goth Gloves.

As of yet, they get no pic. They are still in Blockingsville. I hope to get a decent picture of them with their new owner Superbecks, and then never look on them again.

Not to worry, Superbecks. They look just fine.

It's just... okay, Real World Friends. I know I've been forcing my knitting upon you for a little over a year now, some of it with admittedly dubious results. And I now get super-excited when somebody asks me to make them something. But I've reached a turning point.

I will never knit in black, ever again.

Sure, it looks pretty! But you try finding a mistake in the black yarn of your third cable on the left as you ride through the backroads of West Texas in a dirty 12-passenger van as your all-too-heavy aluminum #6 dpn just slides right out of the knitting, because you chose a slick and splitty cotton blend that refuses to let you put the needle back where it belongs and you therefore have to start over for the Nth time.

Okay, I suppose that's not a shared experience.

But no more black. And no more fingerless gloves with cables (those are the twisty bits, for all you Muggles). It's a fine pattern; I've just grown weary after my fourth pair.

End of ranty mope.

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shirleyknits said...

I have also sworn off knitting with black yarn, so I can totally relate. [VBG]