Sunday, November 25, 2007

Thanksgiving Count

This was a historical Thanksgiving for my family. For the first time, a non-relative joined our family feast. That's right: my fellah came up to Dallas for the long weekend and chowed down with us.

It went nicely, I think. Here's a blog-appropriate summary of our accomplishments:

6 Pounds of turkey consumed on Thanksgiving Day
5 Number of uneasy tummies the day after
1 Actual hours of work completed on the laptop I brought home with me
187 Number of words of my novel written (I know, I know...)
2.5 Inches of Thermal I managed to knit
1 Inches of Those D*** Goth Gloves I managed to knit
7 Inches of Montego knit (traffic jams on I-35 have to be good for something)
20 Number of combined hours working a Van Gogh jigsaw puzzle
0 Number of Van Gogh jigsaw puzzles completed
7 Hours spent playing Super Mario Kart on the fellah's Nintendo Wii
2 Hours wasted dealing with the interrupted downtown DART Rail service
1 Number of enjoyable holidays enjoyed by everyone there


1 comment:

Gena said...

Sounds like a good day! I brought my computer home and have only used it to check my email. Maybe I should get to work so the entire weekend wasn't "wasted"!