Monday, April 14, 2008

The Missing Nine

Some of you were kind enough to vote in the messy desk contest that my fella entered a couple weeks ago with the unwitting help of his roommate's disaster of a workspace.

Early on, word from the inside was that we were 40 votes in the lead. Then we learned about the help we got from the better part of a renowned graduate program in theology, and a few other friends who found out that if you clear your cache, you can vote multiple times, and the contest program was none the wiser. I have more than one friend who's bored at work.

We thought we had it in the bag.

However, my fella learned today that he got fourth place by nine votes. That's nine votes short of a very ergonomically friendly $500 office chair.

There's the chance that places one, two, or three (who clearly cheated even more than we did) won't show up on Thursday evening to claim their prize. I would tell you guys to cross your fingers, but you'd have to clear your cache first.

Thanks for the effort!


Gena said...

Dang! Well, I did my part.

Yvette said...

aw, me too.

Anonymous said...

Awwww. I didn't know about clearing the cache to vote more than once. :-(