Saturday, April 12, 2008

Dispatch from the Briefly Homeless

With a little help from my mother's Adobe software, my pattern Reasonably Hip is now available as a free Ravelry download. If you're a knitter and you're not on Ravelry (which is sort of hard to believe, really), you can still email me at lizcobbeATyahooDAHTcom a copy will come to you.

It's too bad that Magknits is offline for good, but after my last blog post, I went a-lurkin' through the Ravelry forums, and I discovered what may best be described as a Royal Poo Storm. One person reasonably listed some (I thought) reasonable frustrations with Magknits and its sister company, Hipknits. From thence came an avalanche of "me, too!"

Apparently, it was all too much for the woman who was at the helm of both, and she very abruptly shut the whole thing down without warning. In playground terms, she took her ball and went home. That manuever has won her few friends.

I'm glad I have already learned when not to post on online forums!

In other news, I have only the recently begun Trellis Scarf to knit at present, because there is no water in my apartment and I am adrift, as it were. We'd been told the water would be off for three days as they descaled the aging pipes. Cool, but when I finally went home on Friday, I discovered a sign that among other things taught me how to say "Do not turn on your faucet until we say so!" in Spanish. (It's very close to "Vous n'avez pas le priorite!")

I would be philsophical, but I don't know when I can go home.

Also, I had to rip out half my Trellis Scarf because I boo-booed in the beginning and didn't notice until I'd moved my lifeline.

The recipient recently exited the blogosphere in a burst of glory, so I think it's safe to say, (1) Arrrrrrrgh! and (b) She'd better appreciate this, and (c) Don't look too closely at the cast-on end.

Someone from my knitting MeetUp group -- not Nicki, although you'd think it would be :) -- said that you should think of something the recipient did that you didn't care for. Any mistake made in the knitting is payback.

Well, this recipient never did something even remotely that awful to me. Ribbit, freakin'-ribbit.

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