Sunday, December 2, 2007

Hi there, Magknits!

Note: No, you're not imagining things. I did make a mistake in the pattern. Here are the errata. Thanks to the knitters who kindly brought it to my attention!

This is a post that I am in fact writing while tap-dancing. That is because I woke up this morning to discover that my hat pattern, Reasonably Hip, has appeared on Magknits!

Modeled by my terrifically handsome and patient Fellah.

I'm quite delighted. All the info is right there in the pattern, but I'm happy to answer any questions.

This published pattern will greatly amuse my non-knitting friend over at Pieces, with whom I caught a ride to Dallas for Thanksgiving '06. We were caught in the infamous I-35 traffic for eight hours, during which time I frogged the original hat twice and nearly chewed through my needles in frustration. Standstill traffic plus original knitting is a rough combination.

There's another picture with him smiling, but he doesn't like it. I disagree.

My knitter's MeetUp Group met this afternoon, and the girls there were sweet enough to ooh and ahh over the second Reasonably Hip, one I made for myself. (I tried for a whole bleedin' hour today to get a good picture of myself wearing it, and I'll be darned if my big nose didn't ruin every shot. I'll keep trying.)

Someone asked if both girls and guys can wear it. The answer is yes, of course! We ladies might need to fold up the hat at the back to make it fit, but even that looks cute.

Thanks, everybody, for your interest. I had so much fun designing this project that I'll certainly be creating more!

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Gena said...

Okay, I saw the picture before reading the title, and said to myself "cute hat!" Congrats for getting it published, I definitely think I need one for myself!

loopette said...

I just had to stop by and say CONGRATULATIONS once again. All of us in the Austin Knit and Crochet Meetup Group are SO TICKLED FOR YOU!!!

aka loopette on Ravelry

PS: I put the hat in my queue! :-)

Anonymous said...

That's the coolest hat pattern I've seen in eons! Thanks a million for publishing...

caroline said...

I've noticed a lot of girls in the lesbian community wearing hats like that, and I wanted one for myself, but I resisted buying one because it looked easily knitable. I'm glad I did, because yours looks so much nicer than the store bought ones. I can't wait to make it!

lcobbe said...

Felicitations! Neat hat. Your hard work and perseverance were worth it.

Jenny said...

This is cute, but I am still partial to the one you wore when we had Girls Night at the bowling alley that one time. I'm pretty sure it was baby blue, and it was most definitely adorable. It looked perfect on you!

I went to Ginger's this past weekend with my mom, and I thought of you. (She was in town, and needed something for her latest cross-stitching project.)

Nikki said...

Congratulations! Your pattern is very hip!

Kara said...

That is awesome about your pattern. I already have a friend who has cast it on. So cute!

Miss Megs said...

Hi there! I have a question about this pattern which I am currently (Quickly!) working on for my fiance's brother's Christmas gift! The short row shaping at the beginning of the pattern, after casting on for the hat "body" itself - where does this belong later. Is it part of the visor? I'm not quite clear on what purpose it serves... Thank you so much!

And I LOVE the pattern, it's the perfect hat for him!

Cobbalicious said...

Thanks for all the compliments, everyone! I'm delighted that so many people like this pattern.

Miss Megs, shoot me an email (my address is at the bottom of the pattern on Magknits) and we'll check. I'm more than happy to help out. If I understand you correctly, then you've finished the short rows around the bottom edge of the hat (in garter stitch) and now need to do the rest of the body in seed stitch. When you cast on again, it should be for the visor -- which uses more short rows. Email me if you'd like more help!

K said...

Hi! I love this hat. I just started it for a Xmas gift, but I'm confused about the short rows in the beginning. I don't see it in the pics. It looks like the short rows for the body of the hat were done in seed stitch. What am I missing?

Cobbalicious said...

Hi, K! Glad you like the hat. The short rows at the beginning are done in garter stitch. (The pictures are small enough that you have to look closely to see the garter stitch around the bottom edge of the hat and the seed stitch in the body.)

Hope this helps! Feel free to send me pictures when you're done. :)

K said...

Thanks for your speedy response. Here's the problem then, if it's garter stitch, then it's all purl sts because you're wrapping and turning (W&T) that would make it garter instead the way it's written since you're turning and purling one row then knitting the next, it's stockinette st. Do you follow? (I hope it makes sense)

Cobbalicious said...

Hi, K,

I'm happy to help out. Can you go ahead and email me at lizcobbeATyahooDAHTcom? I need to go home and check the original before I give you an answer.

Moz said...


I'm loving this hat honey!.... How do I do the bill?

I have the corrected pattern, so I get all of the hat up to the bill. This is new work for me (not short rows) adding on a bill.

First off my template did not print out to the size needed, but if increased to 150% then i got the 8" x 2" size you called for.

The bill bits seem to be too small for the template plastic, but I can trim it town to fit...

Why don't we pick up 34 stitches from the hat brim and work the bill from there? Is there a reason to leave the two little ends on the sides to be sewn in later? I"m working on circulars so I can easily pick up 34 stitches off the edge of the hat....

Any tips on the bill will be appreciated, I love this hat. I'm making it for my daughter and she loves it even without the bill...thanks !


Cobbalicious said...

Hi, Maureen,

I'm so delighted that you like the hat. It sounds like you're in the home stretch.

Sorry the visor template didn't print out the way it was supposed to -- but it sounds like you found a way around that.

You do have to stretch the fabric some to make the plastic fit. It's snug, but once you've seamed it up, it will fit like a glove.

The reason why I chose to work the visor from the outer edge is (a) to have a seamless join on the side most people will see it from, and (b) to seam it from the front back (see above re: snug fit). Your idea sounds like it might work; if so, tell me, and I'll mention it.

Good luck, and let me know if I can answer any more questions?