Sunday, December 23, 2007

Reasonably Hip Errata

No, it's not the errata themselves that are Reasonably Hip. Actually, these errata are the kind that make you turn red in the face.

I was so careful on the directions for the visor, that I messed up the instructions for the part that's in... yup... garter stitch. Priceless!

I will be a big girl, and reprint that section of the directions. I'll let Magknits know. Thank you to the knitters who kindly pointed out the mistake!

Hat Body

With double pointed needles, cast on 63 sts.
Knit 1 rnd. Turn to WS.

Begin short rows:
Row 1: K35, w&t.
Row 2: K36, w&t.
Row 3: K37, w&t.
Row 4: K39, w&t.
Row 5: K41, w&t.
Row 6: K43, w&t.
Row 7: K45, w&t.
Row 8: K47, w&t.
Row 9: K49, w&t.
Row 10: K51, w&t.
Row 11: K53, w&t.
Row 12: Work in seed st for 56 sts, w&t.
Row 13: Work in seed st for 59 sts, w&t.
End of short rows. Begin working again in round over all sts.

Work in seed stitch until hat measures 6" [15 cm] from cast on.

Let me know if there are any other problems, and I'll see to them right away!


Zuber Ismail said...

Hi there, lovely hat, one that I really want to make. I am a beginner though and find the W&T instructions a little confusing. I have looked at a lot of vids and think that I can do it, but I am lost in the round!
As I understand it, Row 1 I knit 35, then W&T. So I am now on the other side of the fabric, do I purl to the beginning of the round, i.e. 35 purls then start row 3? won't I be going backwards towards the beginning? I really am finding this bit frustrating!
I am a male knitter and don't know anyone else who knits.

Please help, tearing my hair out over here!


Anonymous said...

Yes, I wanted to make the hat for my reasonably-hip SIL, but I got stuck at the first W&T. How can you keep the knit side up?

Zuber Ismail said...

not getting much help here, Anonymous... did you figure it out?

Anonymous said...

Zuber did you ever figure it out?