Sunday, December 9, 2007

FO: Montego Bay

I teach math. Not for a living; it's a part-time thing to earn a little extra cash. However, as part of one of my jobs, I do in fact teach math.*

So I know the difference between mathematics and magic.

This scarf is magic:

I know this because the pattern says you need precisely 440 yards in this gauge, no more no less, to finish this scarf out at 80 inches (6 feet 8 inches), without fringe.

From the 440 yards on the skein, I cut 120 ft. (40 yards) for the fringe before starting, rather than the recommended 200 ft. (66.6 yards). I knit the scarf. It wound up 6 feet long, with fringe. I had no yarn left.

I washed it. I left it to dry on its own without blocking, as it seemed happy doing just that, and... it grew to... you guessed it... 80 inches.


pattern: Montego Bay Scarf, from Interweave Knits Summer 2007
yarn: Knit Picks Bare - Merino Wool Fingering Weight (100% merino wool, 440 yards; 1 skein) dyed with 2.5 packets of Black Cherry Kool-Aid, in the colorway "Candy Rose"
made for: Aimee, modeled by me
needles: size 8 circs

This was a terrifically fun pattern to knit: both interesting and repetitive. I always need a pattern like this to take on the bus or on a car ride.

*Now, the other kind of note, known by some as a footnote:

I recently had a few people caution me, some indirectly, about how much information is available about me on the internet. As a journalist, performer, and playwright, a web presence is both unavoidable and useful. However, for those concerned, let me describe the rules I have for this blog:

1. I do not use anyone's full name. I might link to their site, on which they choose to use their full name. That's their choice.

2. I do not blog about work, other than to mention the sketchiest of details (as in, "I teach math"). The exception is the work that I do for myself as an artist. That is self-promotion.

3. I don't show other people's faces, unless I'm given explicit permission.

I'm lucky enough to have come of age at a time which allowed me to make my most idiotic internet mistakes before I began my professional life. I plan to keep it that way!


Gena said...

Can I tell you how glad I am that you posted this?!? I have about 3/4 of a skein of lace weight yarn, and was thinking of making this, sans fringe. Now I know I will have enough to make a decent sized scarf! WooHoo! And yours looks great, by the way.

Kristina B said...

This looks wonderful! I love the colour - and glad the size worked out OK for you. I made one with seasilk sometime back and actually it has stretched to about 90"... I wish it were a bit shorter, actually. Oh well!

Anonymous said...

Your Montego Bay scarf is lovely. That color is so pretty. I'm still plugging away on mine, slowly, slowly, lol.

And for your footnotes...yes, if anyone is stalkerish (new word??)enough, they can find you, even with the tiniest bit of info. So, except for me, I've never shown my family's full faces, real names, etc., but since I'm a writer & have my own website, it wouldn't be hard for someone who knows me to put 2 and 2 together. Luckily for me, like you, there's no nude/drunk videos of me lying around because I did all that before YouTube came along, lol.

I thought you were in my bloglines sub., but weren't, so I added you & will be around more often.

Julia said...

Ooo, it's so pretty! I haven't seen this pattern with fringe before, and I like it. I like the color too! :o)