Saturday, December 1, 2007

FO alert

Another FO!

Modeled by Bobo, the lovable chimp.

Yup, it's a Jayne Cobb hat, from the late, great Firefly. My friend at Pieces requested it for her husband. And if you've never seen the show before, then rest assured, it's supposed to look big, goofy, and totally awesome (but only in the sense that it isn't).

Now, last night, my fellah comes over for dinner, and I show him the hat. "Oh, from Firefly," he says. Then his face brightens. "Hey, it's a rap hat!"

"It's a what?"

"It's totally rap. I can sell that on my website!" My fellah is launching a hip hop record label website on December 14. (Be prepared for MEGA blatant promo from me.) He's also a designer, so he's selling awesome t-shirts along with music.

"But, it's supposed to be ugly," I pointed out.

"No, it's cool. Trust me. People will buy those things. How many can you make in a month?"

So, as I survey my future Jayne Cobb hat sweatshop existence, here are the details on the BDH hat:

pattern: Jayne Cobb's Family Hat. Free online!

yarn: Elann Uros Aran (color: burnt orange; 50% wool, 50% llama; 1 ball); Elann Uros Aran (color: Mayan gold; 50% wool, 50% llama; 1 ball); Elann Sierra Aran (color: autumn maple; 80% wool, 20% alpaca; 1 ball).

made for: Marci's husband Jack

needles: size 8 circs

notes: The pattern was more of a helpful guide than a strict how-to. After all, it's an easy project with more than enough screen captures of the original from the episode "The Message" from Firefly. Plus, half the knitting world has made one of these guys.

You only need half a ball of each color to finish an oversized man's hat. I hope to make a second. Oh, and the Sierra Aran is delicious.


Gena said...

I love Jayne. And the hat. I wonder if I can convince my fella to wear one?

marci said...

Yay! That's awesome - he is gonna love it!

Jenny said...

This was hilarious. I am only imagining some rappers wearing this and hip-hoppin' along. Maybe Jack could join them in his hat! Oh, what an amusing scene in my head.

"While visions of hat-clad Jack plus rappers dance through my head...."