Monday, December 24, 2007

Hand-dyed Fun

I'm breaking a blog hiatus this week with several posts. The last few weeks for me have been in that true Christmas spirit, which is to say, so busy that the enormous pile of dirty laundry actually sat up and talked to me last Thursday. "Honestly," it said, "haven't you finished your novel yet?"

Fortunately, it's the true holidays now. (i.e., I'm eating free food that somebody else makes and I'm not footing the bill for the central heating.) I survived the very definition of a north wind on my way up I-35, dodging truckers and fools alike, and I am packing in the knitting, writing, and computer time before I hop on a plane on Thursday to visit parts Nebraskan, where the fellah's folks reside. So it's blog catch-up time!

A few weeks back was the Fiber Friends Festival at Hill Country Weavers, where I sold all five skeins of hand-dyed wool that I offered for the Fest. Lookee, lookee:

the Four Seasons dye series

1) Maple Syrup on Ice: spots of Tamarindo drink mix with variegated Berry Blue. The "golden hour" photo (me rushing into the parking lot of my apartment complex at 8:15 a.m. to take pictures on a Saturday before carting my skeins to S. Austin) drained the picture a bit, but trust me, the golden spots are there.

2) Spring Sprout: Think fresh, healthy sprouts on a springtime salad. Imagine a tad more yellow, if you will!

3) Lavender Sprig: I've been in lavender fields in both Texas and France, but I've never been there when they're in bloom. I've seen pictures, though! And they look a bit like this.

4) Autumn Leaves: Overdyeing saved this skein from a life of splotchy orangeness. I wanted to hold onto it, but it wouldn't be the four seasons without autumn, now would it?

And the fifth, a skein I called Strawberry Blonde. I'm not sure what my series would have been if I'd had time to create more. Fake hair colors? Candied icing?

If, by chance, the buyers of these yarns ever see this post, send me a picture of your FOs. I would love to see what these skeins turn into!

Merry Christmas, and other pleasant winter solstice greetings, to everybody out there. Peace.


Gena said...

Oooo, beautiful yarns!

Merry Christmas to you and the fella! Enjoy the cold Nebraska weather, I'm sure it'll be much colder than TX.

Anonymous said...

Oh, those yarns are simply gorgeous. I love the names. Merry Christmas to you, too!

Sally Comes Unraveled said...

Glad you sold some yarn. I did pretty well myself.