Sunday, April 27, 2008

This is not a sewing blog.

When one of the knit-bloggers whom I read occasionally posts a picture of a recent sewing project, I'm always a little disappointed. It's yarn I'm after, and that's what I want.

These days I'm practicing monogomy with the not-so-mystery project that's due May 11, however, so here's what I have for you.

For my birthday, I asked for and received a Sewing 101 class at Craft-o-Rama in South Austin. Took me a while to get around to it, but I did yesterday. I enjoyed myself and the close attention I got from the instructor. This bag is the project you make in that class.

I'm absolutely delighted with what is clearly going to be my new knitting bag. Craft-o-Rama specializes in woven fabrics with hip designs; their selection is small but nifty. The sample projects in the store used multiple prints in complimentary colorways for single items. I wasn't quite brave enough to take that on, but I'm pleased with the pale yellow liner I chose to accompany the pink/brown cherry blossom print.

I don't have the funds or the room right now for my own sewing machine, but that isn't stopping me from daydreaming about all the things I could now make. A bridesmaid's dress from a couple years ago is dying to turn tea-length, and I could use a few more casual skirts.

But knitting has my heart and my brain. Onward, not-so-mystery project!


lcobbe said...

Hey, neat bag. It looks like you did a good job. And I love the yellow lining.

Monique said...

Nice bag! I love the size of it, and the cute button closure. I just bought ANOTHER beginning sewing book yesterday. I swear I will learn to make something worthwhile someday... I think I might try out a tote as well - you can never have enough bags for your knitting, right?

meg said...

Really cute. I love the big print of the fabric.