Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mystery FO Revealed (Again!)

A true record for me, I finished the Trellis Scarf (Rav link) in five weeks. This included several "7 into 5 cluster" stitches (hard to finish, easy to drop) while riding public transportation. Boo yeah!

Gratuitous blocking shot:

pattern: Trellis Scarf by Evelyn A. Clark, Interweave Knits Spring 2006.
yarn: Knit Picks Shadow (color: Redwood Forest, 100% merino, 440 yds, <1 skein)
made for: she of the late Yellow Turtle blog, as a pre-wedding gift. Sorry to spoil the surprise, dear.
notes: I know they barely show up, but look for the little gold beads added to the pattern just below each cluster stitch. They glitter much more in person.
Also, and I know you can't tell, but I was a total moron. I've been knitting by chart in the round so much that I forgot about the even-numbered-rows-are-reverse rule when you go back and forth, and I knit every other row rather than purl. So, check out the garter stitch, huh? Didn't even figure it out until I was two-thirds of the way done.
If you're thinking of knitting this, check out these mods for the bind-off end.

And a close-up:

Thanks for all who commented on the FringeNYC opportunity. I'll post something when it all gets sorted out.


Star said...

I knit one of these for my mother-in-law last christmas; yay for lace knitting on public transit! :)

Yours looks lovely -- nice work!

lcobbe said...

The scarf looks fantastic. Adding the beads made it extra nice. Glad to know about the mods to get a matching ends.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely gorgeous! You did a great job, on public transpo, no less.

Monique said...

OH so pretty - i can just make out the gold beads. i haven't done much beyond simple lace knitting, and there's NO WAY I could keep track on a commute, so that's impressive!

Octopus Knits said...

Beautiful! (and congrats on being accepted to FringeNYC, whatever you decide to do)