Wednesday, August 20, 2008

FO: ...

I finished 'em! I finished 'em! I finished the Albuquerque Gloves in time for the close of Ravelympics '08!

I'm sure you want to see a picture.

So do I, actually.

Yeah, the camera's still out of commission. No time to get a new one yet. Will borrow one shortly, and you better come back to peep my work, because I'm terrifically proud. These things are beautiful, and if you live in Austin I want you bidding on these at the Four Corners auction at the end of September.

So... A picture will come when opportunity permits.

Other clever thoughts:

1. I have a second project entered in the Ravelympics, one that doesn't look too likely now. Ah, well. It's good to be ambitious.

2. Since when do they actually enforce that "Don't step on the line" rule in the 200m dash? In nine years of track and field, I never once saw that rule enforced. True, I was running DIII, but come on.

3. It is a good thing to weave your ends in as you go when working on stranded colorwork. All I had to do tonight after finishing the ribbing was snip, snip, snip. So much better, even if irritating at the time.

4. A lot of knitters entered projects into the Ravelympics in more than one category, which doesn't seem right to me. And there's a few people who entered stuff in the colorwork category that has like one row of duplicate stitch, or maybe it's like a couple stripes thrown in here and there, which I personally don't think qualifies. I was getting all grumpy and thinking about ways to introduce difficulty scores, a la gymnastics... then I remembered, "Oh, right. It's all in fun." I ought to remember that more often.

5. No details or anything here, but don't ever live with an alcoholic. Unless you want to do character research into the nature of denial and self-destruction.

6. And lastly, dudes: go back and watch all the finals of the 400m hurdles. That was my big event in college, and look at them at the end of that race. These are the best runners in the world, and even they are slagging at the end. That race is freakin' impossible. So cool.

See you soon!


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you finished your gloves. I cant' wait to see!

Yeah, that line-stepping thing in that race kinda sucked.

Sally Comes Unraveled said...

I confess to having some projects in multiple categories, but I double checked the rules, and they say it's fine,e xcept for WIP Wrestling.

Kara said...

Ooh, yes! Pictures please!