Sunday, August 24, 2008

Ravthlete '08

Man. Of all the months for Ravelympics to come along. Broken camera, 12+ hour work days... my first stage management gig,* for crying out loud...

All I can say is, the upside of my fella's alcoholic twit of a roommate bailing on him and moving out early (aside from the drastic decrease in bad drama and juju) is that he is hiding his valuable portable electronics in my closet** until she's gone, which means my Ravelympic success and failure and other WIPs are tucked safely away on his camera. Tucked safe away, because the cord to transfer data from the camera to a computer wasn't included in the buried treasure.

I really hope I can get access to that cord before he gets his camera back, or he's going to flip through the images and, well, you can imagine. "Why do you need 87 pictures of yarn?"

But to commemorate my finished project, here is my single award, and I display it proudly.

* Dude. Long story, but check it out: I didn't screw everything up. In fact, I even did extremely well. Who knew?

** I'm brilliant. I put it behind and under my feminine hygiene supplies. Just in case I do get burgled, any male burgler will doubtless flee in terror. (I would say "run away like a girl," but any girl burgler would grab everything and fence it for untold sums.)

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Anonymous said...

Congrats! I can't wait to see pictures.